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Be the hero in your own movie.

If this were a movie you’d call it an adventure. You’d watch to see how the hero handles it. Be the hero you’d root for.

Most of us “stuck in our homes” with family, tv, internet, clean running water, Flushing toilets, Sanitation pick up and mail delivery … (List goes on) are living better than much of the world does on a good day.
Why is it so hard to sit still and stay put? Yes small children are a challenge but even that is an opportunity to teach them the value of introversion and the power of thinking independently, pursuing subjects of education that interest them rather than a mandated curriculum, looking to themselves for ideas and inspiration.
For parents who have not done that themselves, this could be a challenge. Learn it together. It will improve your relationship with your children forever.

People have been complaining for years about society’s declining values with no way to hit the pause button.
Now, faced with the opportunity to do just that, many are instead , listening to the very people who benefit from the materialistic mess, when they tell them the goal is to do everything to get back to it.
If ever there was a moment to hit the pause button, reevaluate and restructure, this is it. Companies and people who survive in hard times are always those with the ability to adapt. As need to transport people decreases, pickup and delivery of goods & groceries increases. There’s still a need to be filled.

People still need what they need to survive.
Produce is growing,
water still flowing
It’s never been money that keeps us alive

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