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The system isn’t broken

The “system” isn’t broken. It was built to work this way. Now, suddenly for the first time in history, women and minorities have a way to be heard.
We don’t need violence, we need conviction. We don’t need anger, we need courage.
Do you remember Gandhi? Do it.
Simply refuse to participate. That’s all.
They can’t arrest us all. Speak up, every day, stand up every time.
The police can’t stop gang violence, we can.
Social workers can’t stop child abuse, we can.
Hotlines can’t stop domestic abuse, we can.
But only if we all agree to do what is right, every day.
Don’t wait until something egregious happens. Be indignant every time, every day until honesty is the norm.
The system is working as intended.
Re-write it.
Until negotiation is as valued as intimidation
Until it’s understood that embracing takes more strength than punching
And listening takes more courage than speaking.

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