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Be as Unique as everyone else

Do we love unique, really?  Seems like we need to be special AND we need to belong. Maybe what we really want is to belong to a group that’s “special”.  It’s probably why everybody thinks they want to be a rockstar. We see them as special but we know they belong too. 

We want to be seen and appreciated for who we truly are “our authentic self” (as Opera says) but we want appreciation so much, we forget about the “for who we are” part. We try to fit in.
We want to be special like the stars on TV who say “be yourself”. Nobody we know is interested in that. Poor us. We’re special too. How did she get so lucky? We forget about the years that “star” we love was alone, ridiculed and rejected for being “different. That was before she was the new thing. After all, we have to wait to embrace unique artists until the media tells us to. If they’re not on TV or radio they must not be special.

We’re standing in the forest.

Where are the darn trees?

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