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Hey what About Me!

Most of us at one time or another are going to face the job of taking care of elderly parents. And most of us feel guilty for dreading it. It’s not a fun job but these are our parents. We owe them, don’t we? My answer is no. We think of all they’ve done for us. Some parents have even made a point of telling their children what they’ve sacrificed and expect gratitude, like it’s owed. Crock. People have children when they are young, sexual and looking forward to life. We (the baby boomers) can’t even claim our kids weren’t planned. We had birth control. No it was drugs sex, rock & roll for most of us. Children were the result of a good time (usually) and until we’re sure about reincarnation we’ve gotta say, they don’t ask to be born.  

Our children owe us no more than they owe every other human being on earth. Respect and mutual consideration. Folks don’t seem to have mastered that yet. 

If you want to relationship with your adult children, you’ve got 18 years to earn one. 
Get busy..

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