Hiding in Shadows

We are not so much afraid we’re not enough as we are that we’re too much. If we use all we’ve got, will we be too much? Will the world be able to take it? Will we be loved?
That fear is so great, we unconsciously let it drive us.
We look outward for acceptance so long and hard, we lose sight of the glow within us that’s meant to light the way.

But it’s there. We have no power to put it out. It illuminates us even when we stand in the shadows and the universe sees exactly who we are, even if we don’t.

That’s when love becomes more than a word. When someone loves us enough to point us toward our own light, we begin to see it too. When they help us see what our gifts are, they give us the greatest gift of all. Proof that we can be who we were born to be and we will still be loved.

When we we stand in our own light, we not only make ourselves easier to see, we light up the world.
The brighter we shine, the more we light the way for others.

– Shirley Hanna-King

drug of choice

If things are bad
or You’re feelin’ sad
Put on the TV.
Put on the TV

You could try drugs
or maybe hugs
got none of these?
try TV

Home or love sick
Solve it with a click
it works for me

I can always depend
on finding old friends
Just waiting for me
now in HD

When I need to escape
I can run a tape
or a DVD
on my TV

Smell the Roses

Get it right.
Measure up.
Don’t be uptight.
You’re good enough.

Be unique.
Be the first.
Be relatable.
Be down-to-earth.

Fit right in.
Stand out in a crowd.
Always be humble.
Always be proud.

Take a chance.
Step up to the plate.
Don’t be rigid.
Don’t be late.

Believe in miracles.
Stick to the facts.
Try your best.
Just relax.

What’s your hurry?
Get it in gear.
Look where you leap.
Have no fear.

Don’t wear out your welcome.
Give till it hurts.
Don’t rush away.
Put your mask on first.

Roll with the punches.
Be prepared.
Follow your hunches.
Don’t be scared.

The early bird
never doses.
Does he take time
to smell the roses?

– Shirley Hanna-King

What We Know

It’s always been the same,
as sure as fire and rain.
The only thing we know
is that we’ll never know.

There is nothing to know. Just “be”.

Searching for your destiny is like searching for footsteps in places you have yet to walk. You can only see it, looking back.

Shirley Hanna-King