What We Know

It’s always been the same,
as sure as fire and rain.
The only thing we know
is that we’ll never know.

There is nothing to know. Just “be”.

Searching for your destiny is like searching for footsteps in places you have yet to walk. You can only see it, looking back.

Shirley Hanna-King

Thank You

For my dear mentor and much loved friend, Actor, Director, Writer, Teacher,

Cliff Osmond

Sometimes when it’s late at night
and everything is cold,
I think about you
and I feel warm inside.
Maybe I’ve neglected you
and so it’s time you’re told
You have helped me make it
through the night.
I’ve been down and out
and you were there.
I’ve been less than kind sometimes
I know.
I don’t have to see your face
to know you care
‘Cause you’ve been a friend to me…
Thank you,
for being there forever
yeah, for being by my side.
You know I love you
and need you too
Thank you

Shirley Hanna-King

Song lyrics Motown
Copyright Hanna music/ASCAP