Adapting is not for humans.

It’s human nature to want to fit in, be accepted, belong. It only becomes a problem  when people don’t understand (are not raised to understand) that wanting to fit in is nature’s way of telling us to conform. It’s nature’s motivation for us to leave the nest and seek our own kind. We are as humans and adventurous lot. We are curious. We used to have to walk over the hill to see what it was on the other side. Now we can trailers of the universe with a remote control. We don’t have to leave the nest anymore to satisfy our sense of adventure. The bad news is it’s made us physically lazy, fat and complacent. We are no longer so un atisfied with whatever  neighborhood, job or family unit we are in that we’re motivated to find our tribe. Instead we watch them on TV. We feel connected to these people that are like us without realizing the emotional deprivation we are experiencing is akin to any other relationship where we are ignored.

Humans are meant (and need) to physically look for the  people and place we fit into. That means finding others who like what we have to offer, like who we are innately. Sometimes that’s the place where you’re born but more often than not-not. It’s natural to fear leaving what we know but it’s only when we find our “tribe” that we discover we fit in, anywhere. It’s natural to be affected by the feelings of our loved ones but we’re re not supposed to adapt or camouflage to the environment we happen to be in (long term). Wayfair to lose touch with “home” so we linger and conform. That’s not living, that survival. It’s a great tool for certain animals. We (humans) have a different skill set, including compasses and a multitude of ways to “phone home”.