I’m Eleanor of Aquitaine
knock me down and I’m back again
Voice of reason in a world insane
While the devil’s brood fight to reign
I survive, I survive
I’m Joan of Arc, I’m Mother T
Mada’me Curie, I’m Hillary
You’ve always been afraid of me
But I survive I survive
They focus on the man with the plan,
the man with the seed
who does the deed.
Who might not even know their name
Might have gone, once he came.
(Never to be seen again)
Still I endure, like Mother Earth
My strength is love. I give my blood.
And If you turn your back on me
I’ll hold your hand and bring you tea
A woman’s strength comes from inside.
You can survive, if you will survive.

Thank You

For my dear mentor and much loved friend, Actor, Director, Writer, Teacher,

Cliff Osmond

Sometimes when it’s late at night
and everything is cold,
I think about you
and I feel warm inside.
Maybe I’ve neglected you
and so it’s time you’re told
You have helped me make it
through the night.
I’ve been down and out
and you were there.
I’ve been less than kind sometimes
I know.
I don’t have to see your face
to know you care
‘Cause you’ve been a friend to me…
Thank you,
for being there forever
yeah, for being by my side.
You know I love you
and need you too
Thank you

Shirley Hanna-King

Song lyrics Motown
Copyright Hanna music/ASCAP


This is not a poem written for my own mother.  I wrote it long ago, to the kind of mother I hoped to be.

There’s not a day goes by, Mom dear20130309-031953.jpg
I don’t thank God for you,
for every week and month and year,
for everything you do.
You taught me with a woman’s heart
courage has no gender.
You let me know and always showed
the strength in being tender.
There are no words dear Mother mine.
If so, I’d shout them loud.
Instead, I’ll try to live a life
I know will make you proud.

Shirley Hanna-King


Don’t fix me

You don’t need to fix me darlin’
I will be just fine
You don’t need to pave the way for me
Just let me have what’s mine

You don’t need to be a savior
there is nothing here to save.
I am different, that ain’t broken
we’re all better off this way

You don’t need to fix me darlin’
I just hope you understand
We’re all crazy. Let’s admit it
and enjoy it while we can.

Shirley Hanna-King
©Hanna Music